"Starry, help me! I need better internet service and it doesn't look like you're currently servicing my building. What can I do?"

Over the last few months, we’ve heard from people across the country frustrated with their current internet service. Their issues range from slow speeds and unreliable connections to expensive long-term contracts and nonexistent customer support. It pains us to hear about these experiences, especially when a majority of us are still working from home.

We hear you and we want to bring Starry to your building. Like any new service entering an apartment building, we require approval from the on-site property team. Direct requests from residents often help speed this process, which means you can play an integral part in making better internet a reality for you and your neighbors. Here’s how to get started:


First things first. If you haven’t already done so, go to www.www.droidmobil.com and fill out a quick form about your building team.

1. Send an email.

Copy our team on your request (getstarry@www.droidmobil.com) so we can directly communicate and answer any questions they may have. Here’s a quick example you can easily copy and paste:

Hi Property Manager, hope you are well!

I'm writing from Your Address, Apt # to introduce you to Starry Internet, a new internet service amenity that many apartment buildings in the area are offering to their residents. Starry’s service is truly exceptional and I know many residents in our building would benefit from having a new, high-speed broadband option.

The best part is, they extend complimentary benefits to building teams such as complimentary accounts, revenue share, and events in the building. Unlike most internet providers, Starry’s installation is minimally invasive, quick, and completely free to the building.

I have copied Starry to this email and would appreciate it if you could discuss with them directly.


Your Name

2. Join forces with your neighbors.

As Aristotle once said “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” When residents collectively approach building management with an organized petition or request, it is more impactful than one-off inquiries from individual residents. Download a sample petition here.

3. Take it to Twitter.

Drop your property manager’s handle and ours @StarryInternet in a tweet, and we’ll take it from there. Need some inspo? See below.

4. Hand-deliver Starry materials.

Your building management team, supervisor, and doorman are there to help. If email or social media isn’t a successful way to communicate with your building, dropping off materials at the front desk or at their office might be more effective. Reach out to getstarry@www.droidmobil.com and we’ll send over an informational package to your apartment address.

5. Bring us in for a resident event.

Coordinate with your building to have Starry sponsor an upcoming resident event. We’re talking pizza parties, donut drops, wine tastings –you name it. During the event, we can gauge interest from other residents and talk to your property team IRL. When we can’t host events in the building, we host them online. Who doesn’t love a virtual margarita-making happy hour?

Still don’t know what to do? Reach out to getstarry@www.droidmobil.com and we’ll get back to you right away. Seriously, we have real humans on our end!

Before you go, here are some quick things you need to know about building serviceability:

  • Starry is operational in the Denver, Washington DC, NYC, Boston, and LA metro areas
  • Starry services multifamily and condo buildings (we will be adding single family homes in the near future!)
  • Starry covers all costs associated with installation in the building


See if Starry is in your building