一旦你放弃有线电视订阅, 你需要看体育比赛, 情景喜剧, 恐怖电影和SNL. 有很多选择, 从天线到铸造棒, 但其中最简单的就是联网电视.

你不仅可以在一个地方访问所有东西, 你可以同步家里的其他设备——w88手机登录说的是Alexa, 谷歌的助理, 巢, 等. The best thing about smart TVs is having all your smart apps in one place without having to purchase an extra device like a casting stick or set-top box. Understandably, there are 很多 things that need to be considered before you make your purchase. 对于流媒体来说,什么是最好的智能电视? 哪些牌子最好? 哪些特性是必须具备的? 哪些是最好的电视流媒体应用程序?

We break it all down for you in this handy guide to help you figure out which smart TV is right for to level-up your entertaining experience.


顾名思义, a smart TV is a long way from the days when you had to walk over to the set to change the channel. If you’re about to upgrade your set, here are the smart TV features you should consider:

  • Compatibility with other devices: Some TVs can act as a dashboard to sync all of your home’s smart devices--think of it as a really big computer screen to control your thermostat, 灯, 音乐, 和显示/电影.
  • 电视控制器:当然,遥控器是标准的, but some will support voice activation or will have an app you can access from your phone. Just ambitiously trying to solve the age-old dilemma of wondering how the remote got lost again.
  • An app library: Some TVs come preloaded with apps (Netflix is a popular one), 但你可以通过添加更多应用程序来真正定制你的控制台, 比如游戏和健身项目. These options vary by brand--and some brands will let you access an app store to purchase non-native apps.
  • Voice recognition tools: Or, as you probably know them, your good friends Alexa and 谷歌的助理.


谈到应用程序, 你想让你的电视支持你的节电后的生活方式, which means it needs to be loaded with ways to get more out of the big screen in your house. This is what brings the most value to a smart TV--all the easy ways to access streaming platforms and apps within the same device, 只需点击几个按钮. 当你想到“最好的智能电视应用程序,” your mind might immediately go to binge-watching sessions and making sure that you’ll have access to high-quality shows and movies. Those are definitely important, but the best smart TV apps provide you with that and so much more.

Here’s a quick rundown on the different categories and some of the top apps in each.

  • TV, 电影, 原来的显示:Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime的视频, 和HBO Go是流媒体娱乐的基础. (你需要订阅才能使用这些和其他一些智能电视应用.) If you’re looking for shorter-form or more native-internet video content, YouTube就是适合你的应用. From catching up on talk show clips to keeping up with viral videos to rocking out to 音乐 videos, 如果已经在电视上播放了,那就容易多了.
  • 音乐:Spotify, 潘多拉, and/or iHeartRadio make streaming 音乐 a seamless experience whether you want a solo dance party or to queue up some tunes for a group gathering.
  • Communication: Think about Skype on your TV like FaceTime, but on a way bigger screen. 感觉就好像你爱的人就在房间里.
  • 游戏:如果你是一个严肃的玩家, you probably have a console or PC set-up - but if you want to play some casual family games, 很多 智能电视有内置的应用程序 要做到这一点. 或者他们可以通过像Steam这样的服务来播放游戏.
  • Weather: If you’ve taken advantage of your local news channel to check the weather, you can keep up with important updates with AccuWeather or The Weather Channel.


大多数智能电视都配备了你想要的标准功能. Each of the major smart TV brands offers a variety of screen sizes and price points, 哪一点会让你很难决定哪一点最适合你的需求. You probably want to do your own research on the right color temperature for the room your TV will live in, 你愿意面对多少口吃, 从一个角度看图像是什么样子的, 等等. 但w88手机登录可以帮助你分析电视上的“智能”功能. w88手机登录重点介绍了五大品牌及其最佳特点:


三星有一些很棒的电视功能, 但在“智能”能力方面, 他们的电视在TizenOS上运行, 哪款游戏能够获得持续的好评. 三星的 SmartThings 特色是主要的卖点. 它可以让你通过智能电视连接所有设备. You can do everything from turning on 灯 to giving voice assistant commands to control your thermostat — all via your TV.



三星Q80 QLED电视

三星Q90 QLED电视


This brand is all about connecting — connecting memories (that means you can load pictures onto your tv for your viewing pleasure), 连接您的语音助手, 连接信息. Vizio’s SmartCast streamlines the process of controlling and showcasing these things. 它甚至内置了苹果AirPlay 2! There’s a reason these are the TVs that college kids tend to buy--because it’s a good option that works with 很多 different equipment, 即使是在可承受的价格点.


Vizio E系列4K超高清电视

Vizio M系列量子4K电视

Vizio p系列量子4K电视


TCL teamed up with Roku to offer some of the best smart TVs for beginners on the market. These are probably the simplest smart TV options in terms of streaming (they offer 500,000部电影及电视剧集), though it’s important to note that they won’t sync up with your smart home. 但如果你把手机或平板电脑设置为一个流媒体伙伴, 你可以使用语音搜索, use headphones for private listening or use it to cast video to your smart TV. 它们也比索尼、LG(甚至Vizio)便宜。.


TCL S305 1080p罗库电视

TCL 4系列S425罗库电视

TCL 6系列/R617 Roku TV


If premium visuals are a priority for you, you’ll want to take a closer look at 索尼. 是的, 它的价格比一些同类产品要高, but you have options such as OLED screens (a higher contrast that gives more detail, depth and textures in dark scenes) and a thinner bezel for a bigger screen without increasing the size of the actual unit.


索尼X750F 4K电视

索尼X950G 4K电视



While LG has some impressive visuals--we’re talking top-tier viewing experiences from the first in the OLED game--LG smart TVs are an umbrella of sorts. 它们配备了很多内置的人工智能功能(Alexa), 来控制你家里的其他方面. They also have fancy features similar to 索尼, like TVs that look like a picture frame. In case you want your cultured friends to think you purchased a large print from National Geographic instead of an expensive TV.


Lg uk6300 4k电视

Lg sm9000 4k ips电视



虽然你可能已经得到了所有你需要的信息 选择智能电视 从以上的标准来看,做自己的研究总是很重要的. 幸运的是, 那并不意味着要出去, 刷爆你的信用卡去买你喜欢的每一个选项, 带他们去做测试. 别人已经这么做了.


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